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on runtime error report does not show limits

well in one of my Num Limit test,  if the step generates an error in the vi (runtime error ) the  step shows no limit info in the report.


is there a workaround for this   I still wanna see the   limits .

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TestStand will not provide the limits if a certain has not been executed such like your VI when it throws a run time error. This is a default setting and cannot be changed. We are still wondering why you would like to do that anyway? Another thing what you could do is to export these limits in a sepreate file. But it will not be included in your final report.

Anoj Mubarak
National Instruments
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Hi Anoj,


TestStand will not provide the limit but how about the test measurement?

In my case, the test measurement showing in the report is previous test measurement value after TestStand encountered runtime error. 


Best regards,


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