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i need to make a progress bar that will show progress per sequence in vb operator interface.

is someone please tell me how to do this or how to start?
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I am guessing that you are wanting the progress bar in your operator interface to update after each sequence executes? One way that you might do this is to post a UI message at the end of each sequence that your operator interface then processes to update its progress bar. You can do this in your sequences by using the ActiveX adapter as an action step to call the Thread.PostUIMessage method of the TestStand API. You can then either post one of the built in UI messages for updating progress percent or you can post your own custom UI message. Your operator interface will then process this message each time it is posted from within your sequence so that it updates a progress complete bar. For more information on UI messages see the ActiveX API help reference
that comes with TestStand. Hope this helps give you some ideas at least.


Richard McDonell
Applications Engineer
National Instruments Corp.
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