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Where can I download the Teststand API document

Can I download a document that explains the calls to the TestStand API?
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If you have the TestStand software you should already have these help files. The help documents that explain all of the TS API calls can be located within the Help>>ActiveX API Reference in TS 1.0.x and Help>>TestStand Programmer Help in TS 2.0. You can also find this help by selecting Start>>Programs>>National Instruments>>National Intruments TestStand>>Online Help>>ActiveX API Reference from the Windows Start menu.

If you cannot find these files you can download the TS 1.0 API Help file from
You can get the TS 2.0 API help file by downloading the TS 2.0 Eval software from or by visiting the TestStand main page and following the links to get the evaluation version
of the software.
Hope this helps.

Richard McDonell
National Instruments
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Thanks very much. As always it was where I should have looked first.
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