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Unload and Open Module - Missing Documentation?



At some point in TestStand's recent history, a feature was added where one can right-click on a step calling a LabVIEW code module during a paused execution and choose "Unload and Open Module", which will unload the LabVIEW module called by the step and its dependencies and allow you to make edits to it in LabVIEW. However, I can't seem to find any documentation about this feature, whether it be in TestStand Help, online KBs or other forum posts, or even in What's New in TestStand articles. See image below for reference (taken in the ever-so-colorful TS2019):

Figure 1. The alleged featureFigure 1. The alleged feature


Is there documentation on this feature somewhere in the world and I've just missed it, or has this never been documented before?

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Just checking to see if anyone had any info here, thanks.

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I have also been unsuccessful in finding documentation for that feature. TS2020 has one more good feature, once you step into the LV code module, you can unload and edit in LV layer and it also takes care of unloading dependencies, again no documentation.

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