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TestStand says 'nisyscfg.lvlib' is missing. How should LabVIEW .lvlib (add-on) dependencies be handled in TestStand?

I am calling a VI that utilizes NI System Configuration utility (nisyscfg.lvlib) in TestStand.  TestStand says that 'nisyscfg.lvlib' is missing. Even though the VI executable in the development environment.  The add-on library (nisyscfg.lvlib) exists in the vi.lib folder which is a search path in the VI.




Since TestStand apparently doesn't look for VI dependencies on it's own, how do you tell TestStand to look for required add-on libraries?


I would expect VI dependencies to be handled automatically in TestStand.  Since this is not the case and the solution is not so obvious, what is the proper way to handle this?


System Configuration Download via NI's website

System Configuration Download - NI



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Can you post the error message reported by TestStand?



Anand Jain


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