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TestStand Version Selector - mfc140.dll is missing

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Dear TestStand community,


recently I've faced the following problem. I install TestStand 2016 (32 and 64 bits, both) on Windows 7, SP1. Installation goes smooth, but after restart of PC, I get the message that "... mfc140.dll is missing".

When I start TestStand Sequence Editor, then I recevie message "TestStand 2016 ( must be active version of TestStand to use the Sequence Editor". When I start TS Version Selector, I get message that mfc140.dll is missing.

Reinstall does not help. The situation is similar for 32 and 64 bits versions. 

Also, I installed separately (from distribution folder) TS Tool (like repair of the installation). It didn't help.


Could anyone, please, help me with this issue and suggest, what can cause it?


Thanks a lot in advance!


Sincerely, kosist90




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Hi Kosist90,


In doing some research, I found that a similar issue was resolved by downloading the Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015 here:


This was based on a forum post seen here:


Please let me know if this resolves your issue.

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Amazing, now it's working! Actually I had installed Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015, but it seems that it had some issue - I uninstalled it; installed the one from those links what you've provided, and everything is fine now.

Thanks a lot, Mada_17!

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That's great news!  Thanks for letting me know.  Best of luck!

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It might be worth noting that you need to install the version (32bit or 64bit) of .Net corresponding to the version of Teststand you have installed NOT your operating system. 

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