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Hi you all,

I am having some questions dealing with TestStand. My final purpose is to build a TS UI in Labview to run a bunch of sequence files and/or their subsequencies but not necessarily all of them.
For that, I am wondering if it's possible to execute .seq files in literally sequence, like test1.seq then test2.seq then test3.seq and etc (calling from Labview, maybe). In that case, I got another doubt, is it possible to run each .seq once? I mean, just one UUT, like running "Single Pass"?

So if this is not possible, executing .seq's in sequence, my second try would be to choose which subsequencies in a huge .seq file to run, that from Labview, what about that? Is it possible? I mean, I know that it's possible to make calls for each sequence in MainSequence, but if I had a thousand subsequencies, or if I had to choose on the UI which subsequencies I want to run, can I do that?

Any help is welcome. Thank you!

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In a sequence call step you can specify a sequence file by either path or expression (specify it dynamically at run-time), then choose if you'd like to run it sequentially, in a new thread, or in a new execution:


There are some useful advanced settings under the button to the right of "Execution Options" - things like how to wait on this sequence to complete.


You could create one top-level sequence file that calls your other sequence files in this manner, and decides which ones to run based off preconditions or flow control steps. It would also be possible to write a custom LabVIEW UI that does something similar with the API.


Hope this helps!

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