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Test Stand API 1.0 and LabView 6 UI

I modified the Simple User Interface provided with TestStand for my companies needs. When a step fails, I intercept the UI message when "Update Result List" is true - I receive a step name - status, strip out the step name and go to a case statement "failed" to trap on a failed step. What I want to do is display a dialog of the failure, the limits, if any, and the actual measurement and give an option to print a repair ticket. I have the sequence context from the Current Execution->get thread->GetSequenceContext but I can't seem to get the right step object to retrieve the limits or the actual measurement. I believe, at this point in time, that the step is over, but PreviousStep from the sequence object gives me an er
ror and the current step object isn't the one that failed. What can I do to get the info I need? Is there a better way, to maybe access the report object variables, or is that object not valid until end of test?Thnx
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Hi ET,

Have you tried using the Test Failure Dialog, adding the failure sequences to you test sequences and setting up the Fail Action to call the failure sequences. The basic sequences are found in the ..\TestStand\Components\..\Tools\LVTECompatibility folder.

Also you might what to try this link..

The basic failure doesnt display the upper and lower values etc. But with a bit of modification this additional information can be added.

Hope this helps.

Ray Farmer
Ray Farmer
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Thanks a ton - this example was EXACTLY what I was looking for!
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