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TCP/IP Error when calling VI out of Teststand

Hi Everybody


A testmachine communicate  with an MQTT broker by TCP/IP . When i open the Labview VI first and run it once i can run it afterwards without any problems and call it from Teststand. When i open Teststand first and Run the same VI out of Teststand i get always an TCP/IP  error Error 62 or 56. When i hit just the edit Vi button in teststand and run it afterwards it seems to run fine. As a fix for the moment i put that VI in autostart and automatically run it by opening. But this is no propper solution. Once the programms are closed the problem appiers again.


Does anyone now how to fix this?


We use Teststand 2016 and Labview 2017 


Kind Regards

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Really nobody has a hint or somthing i could try to fix this?

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There should be no difference in executing a VI from TS or from within LV itself.


Is it possible to post a simple example that shows the issue.



Anand Jain


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