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Running step with PPL if source code is not provided option

In our future system we would like to run test sequences using PPL's but for debugging purpose it is often needed to run the source code of a single step.
It is possible to configure the LabVIEW adapter to "Always run VI in Packed Project Library". In this way it is easy to switch between source code and PPL. Problem is we don't always have the source code in correct version to all steps.
Instead it is possible at each step to set the "Always run VI in Packed Project Library" in the "Override Module Settings".

When developing test sequences we want to run all steps using source code to be able to debug through the sequence. But it would be quit annoying afterwards to go through all steps and change this setting. (It is probably possible to make a tool to execute this function.)

Does anyone know if it is possible to change to wanted behavior (or should I post this feature in TestStand Idea Exchange)?


Regards Vagn

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You can enable debugging when you build your PPLs.  You can then step into the VIs in the PPL from TestStand and rebuild the PPL with the development environment when you find the issue.

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Hi crossrulz,

I am aware of this but find it strange TestStand haven't got an option which does allow running the PPL if source code is not provided. Hoped someone new a "secret" LabVIEW.ini setting allowing this 🙂

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I use LV 2020 SP1.

I can execute TS running PPL without LV source code... I just need to keep the lvproj, where there is the build instruction for the PPL (You need to target the build construction in the Step, "Override Module Settings).


(Sorry for my English...)

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