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Reading Breakpoints via Teststand API

We use Labview 8.5 and Teststand 4.1 for our sw test bench for automatically blackbox tests. For this we have a lot of sequencefiles and sequences as testcases. Sometimes, when we start a new test over night, Teststand breaks the test at breakpoints, which we have forgotten to clear during debugging.


So, the idea is to write a Labview VI, which searches for breakpoints in sequencefiles via Teststand API Step Method "GetBreakSettings". But it doesn't work. I got the information from NI service hotline it possibly works only in an operator interface environment, but it still doesn't work.


So my question is, has anybody an idea, how to read breakpoints setting vie Teststand API?


Thanks so lot.


Best regards


Matthias Langermann

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Hey Langermann,


I know that if you set Engine.StationOptions.BreakpointsEnabled = false that it will ignore all breakpoints.  The thing is you have to call it before anything executes.  So once you get the engine reference then you should be able to set that property.  But then set it back to true when you are finished.  Like when the User Interface exits.  It's an actual station option that is saved in the ini files.  Therefore it will always be disabled once you disable it.


You can manually do this as well. 


1- Configure>>Station Options. 

2- Execution tab

3- Check/Uncheck the Enable Breakpoints checkbox depending on what you want.  Unchecked means it ignores breakpoints


Hope that helps.



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Just as a sidenote:

In LabVIEW 8.6 there is a new feature called Breakpoint  Manager:



The Breakpoint Manager allows you to enable, disable, and delete breakpoints from a single location and it reduces the risk of forgetting breakpoints significantly.



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