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Passing an ActiveX reference as a parameter to a subsequence

I'm trying to pass a reference to my local variables in a top-level sequence
to a subsequence. I defined a parameter in the subsequence as type ActiveX
reference. Then I tried passing "ThisContext.Locals" (and other variations)
to the subsequence but it doesn't work. The subsequence creates some new
variables (these show up under the parameter in debug mode) but when the
code returns to the calling sequence, no variables have been added.

Thanks, Mark
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If you're trying to pass the Locals to another TestStand sequence, try
specifying the Parameter as a Container type. Then simply specify "Locals"
for that parameter in the sequence call in your top level sequence.

If you're trying to pass the Locals to an ActiveX control, you will need to
specify it as an ActiveX reference then pass the sequence context. The
ActiveX DLL will then have to derive a reference to the Locals collection
from the Sequence Context reference.

Bob Rafuse
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