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I was looking for a while,however not succeded to find the answer.

My question would be about documented PreUUt, ReportOptions and others expression to configure the TestStand. Often there is a need to configure the test station by expressions to be sure that sequence runs with the same configuration aften other peaple have used the computer where is a teststand.

For example:




In most cases the Parameters expressions names differs from the functions that are made when you are configuring manually. Now I am looking through google to find the right expression name and explaination how to configure the particular function.


Does there is a document where are all of these parameters mentioned and explained how to configure?




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Hi Karolis,


Your best bet is going to be using the TestStand help to search the included TestStand documentation using ReportOptions, PreUUT, etc. The individual parameters are not specifically documented, as they can be changed by you as needed. There are examples in the help that show how these can be used/modified to suit your needs to ensure that each test execution uses the same settings each time.


I hope this helps.



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Parameters are context dependent. If you try to create sub-sequence in your sequence file, considerring what values need to pass to and back from caller to the sub-sequence, you will understand what are parameters and that it is really depend on the purpose.


The parameters for PreUUT, ReportOptions etc for the process model to pass the value to those callbacks.


If you are familiar with text programming, eg: 




c= GetSum(a,b)



int GetSum(int a, int b)


return a+b



here a, b are actually parameters. Knowing this, if you open the processmodel sequence and look at how it callback the preuut/report options, etc, you can get a better idea.


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