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Making DLL in VC++ for TestStand

I have a Dialog Based MFC Program, which is made using Ni ApplicationWizard, communicates to NIDAQ Hardware, Serial I/O VISA, GPIB Visa. I want to make a DLL of this program, so that the routines can be called in the testStand Sequence.
1) What is Type of Dll I should make
Extension DLL - dynamically Linked to shared MFC Library.
Regular DLL - dynamically Linked to shared MFC Library.
Any Examples typical making DLL in Measurementstudio for using AI_READ, AO_WRITE..?

2) I was going thru a Artical in the KnowledgeBase on NI web site "How Do I create a Type Library using Visual C++?" Document Id:1P68ATSR dated :09/07/99, updated: 09/28/2000
I have download the example and trying to understand the same,
I have follo
wing doubts,
1)In order create the typelib, Using which wizard I shoud open the project. How do I create the *.ODL file.( Basically what are the initial steps to follow?)
or I have to create a empty workspace and add .ODL file and .cpp file?
Any idea or example about how he has created/opened the project TypeLibrary.dsp,
Pls. discuss.
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TestStand is able to call any 32-bit C compatible dll. I would recommend you create a regular dll linked to shared MFC library. Examples that ship with TestStand 2.0 call this kind of dll successfully.

The *.ODL file is a text file that you need to create and add to your project. Inside the file, you'll find the project workspace TypeLibrary.dsw.
This is the file you need to open with VisualC++, not the TypeLibrary.dsp.

Also, there is a TypeLibrary.doc that describes step by step how to create this ODL file.

Hope this helps,

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Can you point me to a specific example that ship with TestStand2.0. I have
TestStand Engine version 1.0.3
Sequence Editor version 1.0.3
installed on my desktop.
My DialogBased Application has a AI channel read function, AO Channel write function, and Serial Visa functions. I want to export the entire class and use these function with TestStand.

I donot understand Step2 explained in the TypeLibrary.doc.
Which current project? is it DLL project..?
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