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LV Cluster to TestStand to keep element order

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alright, so I have created my nice cluster in LabVIEW which looks good and the elements in the cluster are ordered in a logical fashion.


When I work with this cluster in TS (this of course is true for all clusters not just for mine) then Teststand displays the elements in an alphabetical order. Which is quite a pain in the back because I lose good bit of the readibility.


I am wondering if there are any sort of a best practice to overcome this problem. My guess would be that I have to name the elements in a different way so when they are ordered alphabetically then they still keep a structure, but I dont want to reinvent the wheel. Somebody else probably did it already...


let me know your best practice about this.


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I'm not aware of a way to change the order besides naming them differently. Why do you need them in a particular order?



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To maintain a logical order between the variables.

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What versions of TestStand and LabVIEW are you working with? I tested this with TestStand 2016 and LabVIEW 2017 and the order the controls are displayed in the cluster in my test case is consistent with the order set in LabVIEW by right-clicking the cluster and going to "Reorder Controls in Cluster". If you're not using autosizing for the cluster, the order in which the items appear to be listed can actually be different than their configured order (which can be checked using the context menu item mentioned above). 

Andrew Cole | Field Applications Engineer | National Instruments
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Alright, so this topic was submitted in a rush and it seems I was not clear enough with my problem description. 


What I have tried referring to is that if I create a teststand variable from the cluster I use in labview then the container in Teststand will sort the elements in alphabetical order. This is true - and I guess unchangable - for every variable in teststand, because locals, fileglobals etc etc, everything is sorted alphabetically. Unfortunately this means that what is nicely ordered in labview normally is "scrambled" in teststand. 



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Check two things first:

- Is the order in the LV cluster as you want it to be?
   To do that. Click the border of the cluster and select "Reorder Controls In Cluster..." in the context menu. (Edit: Uuups - that is redundant. After half of the thread I was only cross-reading whether someone gave the next hint.)

- Do you, by any chance, sort your variables in TestStand alphabetically?
    You do this if you have a small triangle in the "Name" column pointing upwards or downwards. Try clicking this triangle until it disappears...

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BANG... BANG... BANG... this is my head banging the table. 


Its the rare moment when you use a tool for quite a while and then you realize that you missed something basic what could have done your life a lot more easier in the past 🙂


Thanks man, you have saved the day!

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