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How to share TCP/IP connection ID in multiple steps?

I am communicating with a DUT via sockets. I would like to open the connection once and use the same connection for many different steps.

How do I properly export the connection ID from one step to another?

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Hi Glen,

When LabVIEW finishes executing a VI it will destroy open references when the VI stops running. The exceptions to this rule are VISA and IVI references. VISA/IVI sessions have a preference setting that closes their references.

To get around this problem, you have 2 options.

1) Upgrade to TestStand 2.0, or if you are currently using this version, check the box titled Reserve VIs for Execution. This can be located by selecting Configure>>Adapters and selecting LabVIEW Standard Prototype Adapter.

2) You must start a daemon VI running that will continue to run throughout the duration of your sequence. This VI will be responsible for creating references and returning them to the steps that requested them. If you visit and search for "+teststand +references" yo
u will find an example titled "Creating Permanent LabVIEW References for TestStand" that does exactly this.
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Hi Glen,

You can still use the perm refs in Teststand 1.0.x version as mention by RyanR.

Just follow the same links as suggested by RyanR.

Ray Farmer.
Ray Farmer
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