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How to control flow of each UUT with a start button in UI (C# UI "Test UUTs Sequential Model")

I'm trying to understand hot to do the following : 

- how to control the flow from within a "for loop" of the entry point "Test UUTs" in a sequential process model from my C# UI.

- how to avoid displaying the UUT Result window of that loop


All those achievements would be great if I could dynamically do all those things without modifying the process model itself

I would like to know if there is a way to insert that logic dynamically for that execution so that the process model of my client is not aware of my extra flow control steps needed to run there sequence from within my UI.


Does any one has any idea of what I could do to realize this ?


I already tried using notification object but I can't get to make it work on the dotnet side.

I tried to use the Break execution but this breaks messages also and therefore the application hangs.




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There is no modification of the UI necessary. All you got to do is to implement an override of the Pre UUT and the Post UUT callbacks.

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Thanks Norbert for that solution!


I'm sorry I haven't answered quickly as I had many thing else on the way to do.

I will try to see how to override the callback from within C# code and figure out what is the final solution to this problem.


As soon as I can, I'll give feedback here.

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