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How do I create an interactive execution using VC++.

My software uses the #import ..\teapi.dll directive.

I followed the help files which are too far abstracted from reality to be useful. Or, perhaps they are simply not written with the above #import in mind.

I setup the interactiveargs object with the steps to run. Then, in order for the NewExecution to accept the parameter I do "_variant_t IAParam(IA, true);" where IA is my interactiveargs object.

The execution starts, and stops without running the steps(I get no trace messages).

I have spend too many hours! Please help!
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I am not sure whether you are using TestStand 1.0.x or 2.0. It sounds like you are trying to program an operator interface since you are using the NewExecution method and handling UIMessages.

You may want to take a look at the example "Simple MFC Operator Interface". From you can search Example Programs to find the above example. There are 2 attached examples. contains an example that uses the
#import "teapi.dll"

TestStand 2.0 ships with an VC opeator interface that uses the #import. It was based on the example above. In addition, TS 2.0 contains new information in the help file regarding the #import implementation. TS 1.0 help file did not contain this information.

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