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How do I create a stand-alone execute out of my teststand sequence? I need to run the execute on a computer that does not have the tesstand application installed on it.

I would also like to use the teststand basic gui window wich asks for the serial number and then runs the tests without seeing the teststand environment in the background
ie I would like the test to look simple to the user without building a new gui.
Aik Lewin
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You will need to use the Run Engine Installation Wizard found on the Tools menu. In addition you need to create a installation set for the operator interface.

Look at Chapter 16 Distrubuting TestStand ( chapter 17 for version 2).

Once you have created your installation, install is on your new system.

The serial number etc is part of the process model. When you run the entry point 'Test UUTs' the PreUUT callback is executed which asks the user for the serial number.

Hope this helps
Ray Farmer
Ray Farmer
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