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Getting value of a typedef'ed container via LabVIEW Invoke Node

Hi all,


Hopefully this'll be an easy one?  I'm trying to use a LabVIEW invoke node to get the value of a TestStand variable. The TestStand variable is a TestStand container that is a typedef instance with LabVIEW cluster passing enabled.  I've triple checked that the elements are equivalent, and I'm able to pass the data type to TestStand without issue via the LabVIEW adapter from TestStand.


I'm using GetValVariant and feeding in the property name.

I'm getting error -17308, alluding to an unexpected data type.


What am I doing wrong here?  (Or what might I have carelessly missed?)

I have a feeling I'm about to be embarrassed.




Mr. Jim



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Hi all,


Given that none of the usual elite users have replied, I'm getting the feeling that this isn't really a feature.  Smiley Very Happy


I ended up coding up a workaround in LabVIEW using a technique I've leveraged in the past for this sort of thing. If there's a better or more native way, by all means leave a comment.


Maybe this'll help someone out in the future:


Using the OpenG Variant Configuration File Library (lvdata.llb) I'm iterating through the data types in my LabVIEW cluster and reading the TestStand container element with the same respective names. As long as the names and the types are compatible, it works very well.


For those unfamiliar with this versatile library, it's like a comprehensive expansion of the Data Type Parsing palette. Easiest way to obtain it is by searching for "variant" in VIPM.



Mr. Jim




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