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Error Message - Having Trouble understanding this

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Hello. I am currently designing a VI which is called in a do while loop. When the code is running, the user can adjust the position and it will then perform another step till the on/off button is pressed. However, I ran into this error code and I am not sure how do I debug it. Thank you. 

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The LabVIEW code is not throwing the error.  TestStand is complaining about the Step configuration.   You apparently have chosen the option "Log Additional Results" in that step and failed to declare (by expression) WHAT to add to the report.


Obviously,  we would need to see the TestStand Step Configuration to confirm your mistake then guess what you might want added to the report when the Step completes.

"Should be" isn't "Is" -Jay
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Thank you. That is the reason, I have unchecked the logging. I will try it out on Monday. 

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I can see the problem is solved which is great 🙂

I just have a short comment / question on your LabVIEW code: Why do you have two error out clusters? Is it just for debug or something else? If it is not for debug I would suggest using the Merge Errors function to return only one error.

Best regards
Jens Christian Andersen.
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