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Different number of testsockets - How to change with expression?

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i have two sequence files which are using two models. The models are set in:

Edit -> SequenceFileProperties -> Advanced


Now i need to run the first sequence with only 1 socket and the other sequence with 2 sockets.

But it seems that Configure + ModelOptions is a global setting which is valid for all models.


Question is:

How can i do it that model1 is always executing with one socket and the other model with two sockets?


Can i add here simply a step into the SequenceFileLoad of the model(s)?

If yes - what is the expression to change the sockets?



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You can specify Sequence File specific Model options by overriding the ModelOptions callback and set the value of ModelOptions.NumTestSockets




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Accepted by topic author OnlyOne


How can i do this change directly in the model sequence?

So the one model should ALWAYS run with one socket and the other model always with two sockets


Currently in the model the Parameters in "ModelOptions" displays NumTestSockets = 4



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