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Deployment passes but VI still not loadable



I want to build the VI`s for a Rohde&Schwarz RTx Oscilloscope to a .lvlibp to use low level commands in teststand. (I also did this before with power supplies etc.). 

The reason for doing this is to distribute the code with only a single file. 



The build passes and a few VI`s are working (initialize and close) 


RTB2000.lvlibp\1abvi3w\instr.lib\Rohde&Schwarz RTx Oscilloscopes\Public\


But other files are not working, it seems to be something with the folder structure?


RTB2000.lvlibp\1abvi3w\instr.lib\Rohde&Schwarz RTx Oscilloscopes\Public\Generator\Waveform Generator\Function Generator\Configure Waveform Generator



Can anybody give me some tips? Or maybe a better method for doing stuff like this 😉

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Hello tvervecken,


Did you perform deployment by the same steps described here: What Do I Need to Deploy TestStand Code with LabVIEW Modules on Another Computer?


If yes, so will be better if you open a service request and get a solution from NI technical support. And then put here that solution for other users.


Best Regards,


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