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Creating Xml files that will be converted to sequence files

Hello everyone,

I tried the sequence builder api that allows me to turn an xml file (present in a folder called 'Common') to a sequence file, i opened that xml file and i found that it isn't complicated to read and very understandable (that XML file just contains the informations needed), i wanna know how to do the exact opposite passing from a sequence file to an Xml file that looks like the one given in the examples folder (i already  changed the format of a sequence to XML then i opened it but it was a long complicated Xml file)

The purpose behind doing that is to create automatically  Xml files that will be turned to sequence files by using the Sequence builder Api. 

Thank you in advance for your answers


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Hi Moianis,


I haven't tried using the files with the sequence builder API, but you can convert TestStand sequence files to XML using the Sequence File Converter.

Andrew Cole | Field Applications Engineer | National Instruments
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thanks for your respond,

 with the sequence converter you can change the coding format between (ini , binary and xml), the xml file obtained is too long and complicated not like the one given  as an example in the 'common' folder to try the xml to sequence file api.

please look at the difference in the attached files.

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There's no way to save a sequence file in that example format - As you can see in the files you generated, the sequence file format contains a bunch of properties that the simple example format does not. If you tried to save a sequence file in this example format, you would lose all of those properties (preconditions, variables, types, etc...). You could do the exact opposite of what the example does and generate an XML document that contains basic information about a sequence file, but I don't think this would help with your goal. If you already have a sequence file -  why generate an XML file only to re-translate it into a sequence file?


Automatically creating XML files that will be translated into sequence files is possible, but you'll need to define a standard XML format that you want to use, and create code that generates files in that format. It could be similar to the example format, but ultimately depends on what your requirements are.


It's probably worth looking at the Sequence File Translator Example if you'd interested in this.


Hope this helps!

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