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Asynchronous Parallel Testing

Hi guys,

I'm designing a test system for testing multiple UUTs at a bench with individual test hardware for each UUT. I want the operator to be able to connect a single UUT and start the test for one UUT at a time, but to have multiple tests running asynchronously in the background at various stages of completion. I've looked at doing it with a parallel process model but this seems to only allow you to start all the tests at the one time.

The starting of the tests will be controlled by a .Net DLL, but i'm not sure what process model to use.


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The parallel model is the correct model to use in this case.  When you initially start you will get a dialog.  You can then start any of the sockets independently of other sockets as described in your requirements.


If you need your own dialog there is an example on how to override the PreUUT here:


Hope this helps,

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