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Alternate Methods for Reloading VIs in TestStand Sequences

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Does anybody have any suggestions for reloading VIs in TestStand other than the Update VI/LV NXG Calls tool?


When the VIs are within a LabVIEW project and changes have been made to a VI (connector pane, controls/indicators, VI description), it is extremely easy to resolve any issues that occur as a result of those changes. If needed, the project will also re-compile VIs that are affected by the changes and prompt for you to save them.


However, in TestStand it seems that the reloading either has to be done manually or using the Update VI/LV NXG Calls tool. I'm looking for a better method of doing this. Is there a way to make them reload automatically the next time the sequence is loaded for execution? Is there a better process that could be followed to prevent this from happening often?


I work on a large team so we find that this happens from time to time, and we need to reload VIs in sequences in order to get rid of these VI reload errors.

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TS steps store the checksum of the VI and the checksum has to updated when the VI connector pane changes. This is required to ensure that the correct VI is being executed and all required parameters are passed correctly. Failing to pass the correct number of parameters can lead to crashes when executing VIs using the RTE. You only have to reload the VIs if the connector pane of the VI or the type for the controls change. 


As an alternative to the Update VI/LV NXG VI Calls dialog box, is to use the stand-alone executable, located at <TestStand>\Bin\UpdateVICallsApp.exe. You can use command-line arguments to configure options.


See Update VI/LV NXG VI Calls Dialog Box - TestStand 2019 Help - National Instruments (


Hope this helps. 


Anand Jain


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