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Archived: Developing C/C++ Code for NI Linux Real-Time with the Visual Studio Code Remote Development Extension

Note: This document is now archived and is no longer being updated. The new documentation can be found at

and updates can be submitted to



This tutorial provides an example of how to configure and use the Visual Studio Code editor with the Remote - SSH extension to develop C/C++ applications remotely with a NI Linux Real-Time system. 



 This tutorial documents one approach to compiling C or C++ code for a NI Linux Real-Time target directly on the target while using a remote editor. The document includes:

  • Configuring a NI Linux Real-Time Target for SSH Access
  • Connecting to a NI Linux Real-Time Target via the Remote - SSH Extension in Visual Studio Code
  • Creating and building a simple "Hello, World!" application
  • Debugging the "Hello, World!" application



This tutorial requires:

For compiling code without access to a NI Linux Real-Time system, refer to NI Linux Real-Time Cross Compiling: Using the NI Linux Real-Time Cross Compile Toolchain with Visual....

Charlie J.
National Instruments