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RAD Utility doesn't properly copy over USB Wi-Fi Dongle

Hi all,


So I've got a situation where a USB WiFi dongle has been successfully installed on a myRIO-1950, very similarly to Ytochigi in this thread:


The myRIO-1950 itself works fine, but when trying to replicate that system to a different myRIO-1950 using the RAD tool, the WiFi dongle doesn't seem to work as expected.

I'm thinking that the RAD tool isn't making a complete copy of everything inside the myRIO-1950's disk.


I've checked this post:

I've selected "Apply the Network Configuration Found in the Image" so that part should be copied.


Does anyone know to what extent the RAD utility copies files?

Are there any directories that are always blacklisted?

(If there are any suggestions for how I should compare all the files on the original myRIO vs the copied over myRIO, I will try that).




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