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*Full* kernel/bootloader source for cRIO-9064

Hi folks,

I'm just evaluating the cRIO-9064 for my clients. Note: *not* as sps, but as a pure linux box.
We dont use anything of the labview related stuff. We're only interested in the HW.

Of course, we'll build everything on our own (via ptxdist), based on mainline kernel and barebox
(only with few additional patches, when necessary, and bring as much as possible mainline)

But we need the *full* kernel source (same for bootloader) - the tree on NI's github account is
just *incomplete*. It lacks the sources for the binary-only modules. Needless to say that this
is an *absolute NO-GO*.

This is a *complete showstopper* - I'll never let anything w/ proprietary code into the field.
Having the full source of everything (from bootloader, to kernel and protocols to the IO cards) - or at least full documentaton, so I can write the drivers myself - is mandatory. (wont buy w/o)

So, where can I find the full source code / the necessary interface/protocol specs ?


Linux Embedded / Kernel Hacker / BSP / Driver development / Systems engineering
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