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Coming Soon: NI Community Renovations!

NI Employee (retired)

We are very excited to announce upcoming renovations to the NI Community! This project represents a major improvement that will greatly benefit all of the NI Community members!


What is happening?
We are working to create a single, unified NI Community experience that is easier for our members to understand, use, and gain value from. To do so, we will be migrating the content and experiences (documents, user groups, and blogs) from the NI User Group Community onto the platform currently used to host the NI Discussion Forums.

Why are we making this change?
We have consistently heard from our members that hosting the NI Community experience through two systems has made the experience confusing and difficult to use. We can improve every facet of our members’ experience of the NI Community by setting up a more unified, usable system. You will no longer have to go between two sites to interact with your peers, and this will enable the NI Community Team to be more responsive in building out more improvements to the experience.

Other benefits of this effort:

  • Easier navigation with everything in one place
  • One profile for all of your content, stats, ranks, and messages
  • Responsive design providing one consistent experience across all desktop, mobile, and tablet devices
  • Up-to-date platform and support from our community vendor, Lithium
  • Better spam protection with Lithium's spam filtering and moderation systems

What is the impact of this change?
This change will most significantly impact blogs, user groups, and community documents. We will be creating a central NI Community experience, which includes these use cases and the current implementation of the NI Discussion Forums and NI Idea Exchange. The experiences currently hosted on the NI Discussion Forums will be impacted out of necessity, but we will work to minimize this impact wherever possible.

When will this change occur?
See the latest timeline here.

What will happen to my existing content on the Community site?
The majority of existing content will be migrated. As part of the effort, there may be an audit of content that will be migrated. If any content is not included in the migration, users will be notified in advance.

I don’t really use the NI Community currently. Is this going to negatively impact the Discussion Forums?
No. Cat Happy While there may need to be some organizational changes, we will make every effort to reduce the impact on the NI Discussion Forums experience. We view the Discussion Forums and your contributions to them as extremely valuable and this project will only be successful if that experience is preserved!


Do I have to do anything?

The NI Community team will be managing all of the heavy lifting -- but your input is always welcome!


We're extremely interested in any thoughts or questions that you have and would love to hear from you in the comments below.