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zif/fpc 30 pin connector & 2.0 pitch SMD connector 4 pin




I'm working on a project which would incorporate a few connectors which I haven't found in the database;


2.0 pitch connector 4 pin (shown as 6 pin in the pdf, but it should really be 4 pins)


0.5 pitch zif/fpc 30 pin connector



It seems to be very time consuming to make the last one by hand...


Would really appreciate if someone could find or make at least the last one, or tell how I can make those pretty fast.

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Hi there,


You can start by creating a custom footprint  in Ultiboard. Here you can find a step-by-step tutorial on footprint creation. 


After this you can simply create the symbol for the part in Multisim using the Component Wizard (Tools menu). Create a layout only component and select the footprint you created in UIltiboard. Furthermore, you can customize the symbol in Multisim. Here is a reference on creating components in Multisim.


Hope this helps.

Fernando D.
National Instruments

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As i finnaly got back to this project, I still haven't sorted the missing component issues.


In this thread it's mentioned that wizards could help:


I have not found any information on the subject though.


How can i take advantage of the wizards to create these two connectors?

See first post for datasheets.


Any help would be appreciated.


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