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Multisim and Ultiboard

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"how to snap everything to grid"



If I select 1 footprint and move it, it snaps to the (part) grid. Why does this NOT work when I select multiple footprints and move them?


IOW, why can I not select some footprints and select "snap to grid" ?


Any suggestions?







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Hello Sclaes,

Which version of Uiboard are you using? In Ultiboard 13.0, footprints move according to the grid also when moving multiple items at the same time. The finer grid is determining their positions so you might need to zoom in.


Kind regards,


Jos Deurloo

Applications Engineer National Instruments

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I have version 12.0. I don't think I can upgrade. I could be wrong but I think our school (Artesis & Plantijn - only has licenses for Multisim/ Ultiboard version 12.0


BTW: It would have been useful if it were possible to use  'Advanced swapping' (cf PCB properties -> Design rules -> Gate swapping). I could select this option but it didn't work: I could only swap gates from the same device (i.e. 'Internal gates only'). Why? (the device was a 4093BD_10V)

Any suggestions?




Stefaan Claes


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Hello Stefaan,


I just tested at my side with Ultiboard 12.0.1 and the "snapping to grid" feature does seem to work the same with multiple footprints as with individual components.

Can you share an example design file that illustrates the unability to "snap to grid"?


Seeing at first hand what you experience will help us along with the troubleshooting.


Concerning the second question about the gate swapping:


Is it possible to share a design file that shows where/how you are encountering issues?

Normally, it should be possible to perform these "Advanced Swapping" features.

If you are able to share your Design Files, then we should be able to see where it is going wrong and provide you with assistance.



Kind Regards,
Thierry C - CLA, CTA - Senior R&D Engineer (Former Support Engineer) - National Instruments
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