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waveform generation using PXI 6230

How do you determine the accuracy of an analog out waveform on the PXI6230??  I can't use the counter timer output.


My reqmnt is +/- 0.1 msec.  I'm guessing that means for 1 KHZ waveform ( 1 msec) My waveform generated can be 909.09 to 1111.11 KHz and still be in spec.  How do I use the cards spec to figure if its accurate enough?


The card has an update rate of 500ks/sec or 1 sample every 2 microsec.  So my update rate is 3 mags better than my reqmnt of 1 msec.  Is that a valid argument??  Why or why not?



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In the Specification Sheet for the PXI 6320 it list AO Specs as:


Timing accuracy ............................. 50 ppm of sample rate
Timing resolution............................ 50 ns
(on page 3)
This document would probably be the best place to judge whether these meet your needs.
- FCTesting
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