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usb-6008 and DAQmx vs. DAQmx Base VI issues

Hi All,

I'm trying to set up some VIs for using the usb-6008 DAQ box to read and write some 3.3v digital signals. I'm using Mac OS X Leopard (10.5.5), Lab View 8.5, and DAQmx Base version 3.2.  I've come across a few good VIs that I would like to use, but these seem to all be built for the Windows DAQmx and not the Mac-compatible DAQmx Base software. I've done numerous searches through this archive, and while some of the results seem promising on first inspection, none of them provide me with what I really need, and that is a way to convert these VIs from the DAQmx to DAQmx Base set of VIs and support software. I've seen a utility that will do the opposite on Windows, but nothing that will do this for the Mac.

To be more specific, the VIs I'm using (for one example, see last VI here) ask me on launch to locate a few other VIs and a framework which are missing from DAQmx Base:


DAQmx Control 

  DAQmx Fill in error

Configure DAQmx 

and there are others but I have been able to find their "Base" equivalents easily. 


If anyone has experience converting DAQmx VIs to DAQmx Base compatible VIs with OS X let me know.

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Hi 3lliott,


The DAQmx Base shipping examples can be found using the following article here.  Many of the vi's in DAQmx have a DAQmx base counterpart.  However, they don't always function exactly the same way and there are a few things that DAQmx base cannot do that DAQmx can.  From the link and the last code posted on that forum topic, it looks like you are trying to use DAQmx base to control the USB-6008's digital line to generate a PWM signal.  The first example posted uses the DAQ Assistant to generate data on the digital line.  Unfortunately, there is no DAQmx Base DAQ Assistant.  In this case, you will need to use low level DAQmx base vi's to accomplish the same task.  All the DAQ assistant is doing in the example is setting the digital output line high/low using software timing.  In DAQmx base, we have the ability to set lines in a port format using the DAQmx base write.  In the DAQmx base examples there is a static dio example called "Write Dig".  This example can be modified and used to accomplish the same thing that the example does.  All you need to do is modifiy the example to run in a loop and write the digital values that make up your PWM signal at the rate you desire.  I've modified the the example found at the link to include DAQmx base vi's.  This assumes that you have the dio write port task properly configured for your device in the DAQmx base configuration ultility.  In addition, this will write to the first line of the port you select in the task.  Modifications to the number written will need to be made to write the other lines.



I hope this helps,

Paul C. 

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