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two input on a X-Y Graph

Hello All,
I am new to Labview and trying to display analogue input voltage(Y-axis) against angular encoder input (X-axis) currently I am having problem displaying a line graph when I run just a dot appears for my Y-axis value. I need to display this progressive line graph so that after I run the program I could scroll back and see variation of Y-axis against X-axis. I manage to display a graph of my anologue input if I use a waveform graph but this only gives me it against time and I need against counter input value.  Also the input values (analogue input vs encoder input) needs to be stored in a Excel file. Any suggestion or advice is greatly appreciated.
The VI is attached for consideration.
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The Build XY Graph function has a reset input. The default is True which means that each time it is called, the old data is lost. Wire a False constant to this input.

You can use the Write to Measurement File to save data in a text file that can be imported into Excel.

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Thanks Dennis it really helped.
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