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triggering on a PXI-6230

Does the PXI-6230 support hardware analog triggering??  I guess that would be a PFI...input.  If not, is there any scheme I could do using one of the other analog in channels??  I generate a pulse on an analog out channel then read it back on an in.  I think the code is too fast and the signal occurs after I've taken the reading.

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This is the code I'm using.  PXI8101 LV2012

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Greetings Clint_Eastwood_1000 Analog trigger is not available in the PXI 6230, only Digital Edge. You could do a continuous acquisition and discard all data before the “trigger” condition. Let us know if you have any other questions. Warm Regards,
Luis J.
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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In the Read_Write vi enclosed, is there a way to tell how much time elapses between the actual write then the read of the data??


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You could increase the amount of finite samples you are acquiring on the DAQmx Read side, or simply do "Continuous Samples" for testing. From your acquisition graph, you will be able to backcalculate how long it took for the software calls to be made. This will not be deterministic though - the exact time difference might change on every run.


You could also use tick counts to implement basic software timer functionality (see this helpful KnowledgeBase:


Hope this helps!

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Thanks..I'll give that a try.  I like the tick count better.  That is what i think my issue is..  Differences in processor speeds or code execution.

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