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throughput limitations - USB FIFO

RE: USB-6002 & LabVIEW throughput


I want to sample 5 ADC channels, each at 4096 Hz

(5x4096 = 20,408 samples/sec) on a USB-6002 for about 10 consecutive seconds (204, 080 total samples) in LabVIEW.


Two Questions:

  1. Given the above sampling requirements and the USB-6002 limitations, is this a reasonable task regarding stream rate (total through-put) for the ‘USB-6002 to LabView’ combination…….

given the limitations of serial USB, small 2047 FIFO size and LabView/Windows 10?


2.) The what is the definition of “Bandwidth 300 KHz’ in the USB-6002 data sheet?


Thank you !

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That same spec sheet also includes an aggregate maximum sample rate of 50 Ks/s (thousands of samples per second). Your desire to do 20 KS/s is well below the maximum.


Here is document that explains NI specifications:

Specifications Explained: NI Multifunction I/O (MIO) DAQ



Anson K

Applications Engineering

National Instruments

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