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simulataneous sampling in 6229 daq card

I am using 6229 DAQ card and ANSI C environment for programming. I need to simultaneously sample the high speed digital inputs, analog and encoder counter Inputs connected to this card.How do I acheive the simulatanous sampling using 6229 m-series card. I know that S-series directly provides this, but based on other apllication requirements I choosed this card.
So any body can help me in doing simultaneous sampling in C environment, or any LabVIEW examples on this requirement is also suffice.
Thanks in advance for help
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There is no way to do this with the 6229 board. You can synchronize all of your clocks such that the analog input, counter channels and digital channels all acquire data at the same time using the same clock, but there is no way to do simultaneous sampling of multiple AI channels on any boards except the S series boards you pointed out.

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HI strautG,
Thanks for your reply. But is it possible to do software simultaneous sampling, ofcourse as the hardware has multiplexer and single ADC we cant have simultaneous sampling thru hardware. But is there any solution via software to do simultanoeous sampling. I have read in one of the NI tutorial to align and resample in software to get simultaneous sampling. But how this can be acheived thru c programming.
Any help from any one on this is very thankful.
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Hi kirang,

You could try to do some array manipulation where you resampled the data and then based off of the interchannel delay you could then shift the rows of data by the desired amount. Realistically this is not a good option though because it will give the appearance of not having a phase lag when there actually is a phase lag between the signals.

The only option of really doing what you are trying to do is with the S-Series board. Anything else would just appear to be simultaneous.

One thing you could make sure to do is have the DAQmx 7.4 drivers as they were designed to have the least possible amount of lag between signals.

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