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I would like to use the NI-DAQ A/D PCI hardware.
The problem (??) is that I am programming in PowerBasic, is it possible to use the NI-DAQmx driver inside this compiler ?
If not, I need to switchto a "supported" language like as MS Visual.NET (Basic, c#) or Visual C/C++ or Labview ?
Thank you very much
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Hi Teo,

I don't know PowerBasic, I know it's a old software but I've seen that exists also a Windows version. On Windows it's possible to install and configure all NI actual board through specific driver (NI-DAQmx, NI-VISA, etc) and the drivers make available libraries (dll) to use hardware. So, if PB is able to manage dll, maybe it could drive DAQ boards, but NI doesn't recognize PB as a supported development environment for NI hardware.

You can use all the software you have mentioned. My suggestion is Labview or, if you prefer ANSI C programming, LabWindows/CVI because they are NI development environments and their interaction with NI hardware is immediate, but you can choose also VB.NET, C# or VC++.NET.
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Dear Castel, first of all, thank you very much for your reply
obviously I referred to the PowerBasic for Windows compiler (or the Console Compiler one)
your could find them at
(I am not involved with them, just to show you the product)
The very big force of PowerBasic vs is its speed/power (really really fast), and the simplicity of its programs (often, complete compiled programs are just few 100Kbs, while with VB it is impossible to go below some Megas...
Just another question (if possible) :
with similar application, is there any speed difference between a LabView (compiled or not) program or a one ?
after all the Analog to Digital( wjat I need) speed/efficency is in the DLL driver/library or in the compiler ?
Thank you very much again
Have a nice week end
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