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pcmcia to usb adapter

You would think that, with all the requests I have seen on this board for a PCMCIA to USB adapter, NI would try to help those of us who already have an NI card and can't afford to buy another one.  But all I have seen as far as 'help' from them, is a sales pitch for their USBDAQ products.
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Hi Hwy-Star,


What hardware are you using?  Do you have any specific questions about PCMCIA devices?  

Jim Schwartz
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DAQCard 6062E.  I would like a USB adapter that I can plug my card into and use it.  Since most laptops today do not have a PCMCIA slot anymore and the express card to PCMCIA adapters on the market don't support NI hardware, I would like to find a USB adapter.
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I've never used it for an application that needed to run for a long time.  Its handy when you want to do a simple test in the field.

"Should be" isn't "Is" -Jay
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How do you know that this PCMCIA to USB adapter will work with a DaqCard 6024E device? The PCMCIA to USB adapter have to be special? For choosing the correct one, what we have to know about the adapter? Thank you in advance.


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Hi Manuel,


There are no NI supported PCMCIA to USB adapters. 


Does National Instruments Offer a PCMCIA to USB Converter?

Have you considered using a USB DAQ device?  The USB-6212 will give you similar functionality, plug and play convenience of USB and you will not need a PCMCIA slot on your computer.

Jim Schwartz
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As I said in my post I am using a DAQ Card 6062E.  I would like to find an adapter that will allow me to use the card via a USB port.  It would be an advantage for me to use the card on my Dell desktop XPS 400 computer occaisonally.  There is no room for a PCMCIA to PCI adapter in the computer the way it is mounted (no room to plug in the card physically).  I can not afford to buy a newer card at this time.  I love the card I have and would like to expand it's usefulness.
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Hi Hwy-Star,


I definitely see the value in using your existing hardware with newer computers.  If you would like to see this in future NI products, you can file a product suggestion at the link below.


NI Product Suggestions

Jim Schwartz
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My 'old' laptop just died. I'am loosing the PCMCIA... but my rather expensive Daq Card NI6062E is still alive.


I can't afford to replace my laptop plus this card.


What is the best solution ?

- ExpressCard slot + adaptator  

-  usb slot + adaptator


(i just hate the company changing their products so that old ones are no longer compatible : expresscard/pcmcia)


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Hi RockFall,


We haven't tested any specific adapters although we do know of other users who have been able to get this to work. Essentially we can't guarantee that any third party adapters meet the full requirements of the PCMCIA bus specification.



Best Regards,

John Passiak
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