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nipalk.sys blue screen with raid disks



My visual C++ application crash on my new computer with RAID1 disks.


STOP : 0x00000050 (0xA7209FFF,0x0000001,0xF726A96B, 0x00000000)




Nipalk.sys  Address F726A96B base at F722C000, DateStamp 469ea59f



I got 2 Ni cards, a 6229 and a 6602. The same application on the same PC without using a 6602 doesn't crash, idem using a 6602 simulated by Measurement & Automation.

I also used the same software and configuration on an other computer without RAID disks and i never had this kind of problem.

I've installed the last Ni-DAQmx drivers, it doesn't fix if (Ni-DAQmx version 8.80f2, Nipalk.sys version : 2.3.0f0)


I suspect the RAID system to be the cause of my problem but i don't know how i could manage to fix it.


Is anyone got any idea or manipulation to try?



    the configuration of the 3 frequency mesurement task:


    DAQmxErrChk(DAQmxCreateCIFreqChan (taskHandle, voie_name, "chan", minVal, maxVal,
                   DAQmx_Val_Hz,DAQmx_Val_Falling, DAQmx_Val_LowFreq1Ctr, 0.001, 4, ""))
    DAQmxErrChk(DAQmxSetChanAttribute (taskHandle, voie_name, DAQmx_CI_DataXferMech, DAQmx_Val_DMA))
    DAQmxErrChk(DAQmxSetChanAttribute (taskHandle, voie_name, DAQmx_CI_CtrTimebaseSrc,timebase))
    DAQmxErrChk(DAQmxSetChanAttribute (taskHandle, voie_name, DAQmx_CI_CtrTimebaseRate,20000000.0f))

    DAQmxErrChk(DAQmxSetCIFreqDigFltrEnable(taskHandle, voie_name, TRUE))
    DAQmxErrChk(DAQmxSetCIFreqDigFltrMinPulseWidth(taskHandle, voie_name, 0.0000004))

    DAQmxErrChk(DAQmxTaskControl (taskHandle, DAQmx_Val_Task_Commit ))

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I found a temporary solution to work on the computer, i changed the RAID discs into classic IDE (emulation from SATA i think) into the computer BIOS and it works perfectly.


So that shows that the problem really come from the RAID system.


As anyone get any trouble with RAID discs and counter acquisition?


Thanks for any help.

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it seems that my problem doesn't interest many people...


Well, it looks like the RAID system is not totally in cause, as i desactivated it and i still have some blue screen. There are less numerous but still happened few times....


For futher information i got a PCIE-9450-R30 motherboard on a PE10S2-R40 back-plane.


As anyone ever got any problem with this computer parts?




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Same bluescreen problem here.  I don't have RAID discs.  I am trying to contact NI support...



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Hi richardst,


Did you contact NI Support ?


Can you be more precise with the issue you're encountering ?


When does this bluescreen appear ? Can you provide the information shown in the bluescreen ?


What is your application doing ? Is it a LabVIEW application, a CVI application, a .NET (Measurement Studio) application ? 


What are the versions of your application and the drivers you are using in it ? (DAQmx, VISA, etc...)


Have a nice day.



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Hello Maxime,



I have just deleted my V8.3 version of DAQmx and installed V8.6.  The system has not been up for very long but I have not had a bluescreen with V8.6 yet.  The DAQmx installation took over VISA from Agilent drivers.


The system is a 3-year-old Dell with Win XP pro.  It has a PCI-7300A high-speed digital I/O from Adlink installed and a Pinnacle Systems Studio AV/DV E4 frame grabber.  DAQMX was used with NI-USB devices, but none were connected when the bluescreens occurred.  


Bluescreens occured apparently randomly, from as early as before the windows user login prompt to after several hours of use.  No data acquision was being performed or USB in use when the crashes occurred.  The bluescreens are a relatively new problem, perhaps a couple of months old.  The system was changed to have an Active Directory login at about that time, but I don't see how that should have changed things.


I will let you know if more problems occur.


I have not contacted support, yet.  Is support offered on humble DAQmx?



Thanks for your help,




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Hi Richard,


Actually to have access to the phone or e-mail support you need to have subscribed to a Standard Service Program which allows you to contact application engineers directly by phone or e-mail. 


Please have a look at this page right here :Standard Service Program


Moreover, the next time you get a bluescreen it is very important to write down the informations you are getting in this blue screen in order for us to have more information about the issue you are encountering and then find a way to help you.


Have a nice day.




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