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ni-9237 damaged

I have a module ni 9236 damaged, sn-HB6399178, recently acquired, which is not recognized by the CDAQ-ni-9184, by Cryo-9102. When I run the program MAX recognizes the system, but not the module. To help identify the problem, I note that, when I attach the module in the CDAQ, the tension between the inputs EXC and RC is zero. How should I proceed to solve the problem Beste Regards Armindo Lage
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Hi alage,


Thanks for posting your question on this forum.


Have your ni 9237 already worked before ?


With ENET Daq you have to add your device in max manually. In the attached screenshot , you will find where is this button.


Could you give me more information about your problem and your software configuration ?


If your devive is really out of order, you must call the National Instruments technical support to repair it.



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