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max number of thermocouples on bnc-2120

Ok, dumb question.  What is the max number of thermocouples that I can attach to a BNC-2120 board.  I have used channel 1 before but we now have someone that would like up to 12 channels.  Short of buying new equipment and rather than writing the coe to trying I thought I would ask first, how many I could get him on a 2120 board.



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Only 1 thermocouple can be connected to the thermocouple input that uses the CJC for cold junction compensation.  However, you can use any analog input to read a thermocouple value without the CJC.  Depending on the data acquisition card you have connected to the terminal block, the maximum number of thermocouples you can is eight.  One to each analog input.

I hope this helps,

Paul C. 

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Thanks John.


We are using PCI-6035e cards.

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Sorry Paul I lost my train of thought.
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Hi Duncan,


The PCI-6035e has 16 analog input channels and can be used to acquire all eight of the analog inputs on the bnc-2120.  So, the total number of thermocouples you can connect will be eight.


I hope this helps,

Paul C. 

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