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how to make a precise 0 to 60Hz vco in fpga?

When using the express sine generation in fpga, lets say 50Hz, the frequency is round-off to some mHz .
So correct 50001 mHz generation is not possible with the express sine generator.
What is the best way to solve this?
My goal is to precisely generate frequencies from 0 to 60Hz in millihertz steps. Like a VCO or voltage controlled generator does.
The frequency should be addapted hundred times a second from the host. Like a sweep function.
Have program a realtime simulator for powerplants written in C++.I translates the RT sim to NI components and software (Labview).

My rt pxi turbine simulator for simulating grid incidents was succesfully used in a nuclear plant in 2006.

Look at
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I think that the examples below can be usefull for you. More advanced functionality is used than Express Vi's.


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