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how do i deal while acquiring data unsing ni9237

Hi everybody, I created under matlab a code that acquire data from four gauges fixed to a beam using NI9237, the aim of my code is to estimate the applied force to the beam, my problem is that at the in the end of acquisition i get the expected force devided by 10(7000N rather than 70000), i am pretty sure that the problem comes form the NIdevice, does any one of you have a suggestion?

Yours Faithfully

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This is not a new idea for data acquisition and doesn't belong in the Idea Exchange.  It is a regular problem asking for help.


It belongs in the Multifunction DAQ board.


I'll ask to have it moved.

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This is What i am trying to do, to find the exact link of the forum, can you give me the right link of the forum?





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It looks like it has been moved.


And the link was in the message I sent above.

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