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file created in 7.1 cannot open in 8.2

I have a llb file created in LabView ver 7.1.  I cannot open up the files in labview 8.2.  What can be done?
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What kind of message do you get when you try to open the old llb. If you get a message that it can't be opened because there is no block diagram, then the only thing you can do is find the original set of VIs or llb that do have a block diagram.
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The error message is attached:

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How did you know in advance? Just mass accumulation of knowledge over the years?


"It’s the questions that drive us.”
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Yeah, in 15 years of programming, there are only two reasons I've ever seen for not being able to open an old version of code. One is if the old VI was written with something too old to convert. The other is a  missing block diagram. Since the original was written with 7.x, I knew it had to be the second reason.


You can't open a VI in a newer version of LabVIEW unless the block diagram exists. The block diagram is required to recompile it for a new version. As I already said, you have to find the original. There is no other option except to rewrite it if you know what it did.

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