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error code –88709 (DAQmxErrorRuntimeAborted_Routing) when calling DAQmx Write (Analog 1D DBL Nchan 1Samp).



Without going into the minutia of all of the details, I am getting the error code –88709 (DAQmxErrorRuntimeAborted_Routing) when calling DAQmx Write (Analog 1D DBL Nchan 1Samp).  Basically, the channels are set up follows:


  1. There are 4 channels, channels ao0 through ao3.  These were created using DAQmx Create Channel (AO Voltage Basic)
  2. Each channel is configured as: terminal=default, vmin=-10.0, vmax=10.0
  3. Other attributes: DAQ reference source = internal, sample timing = sample clock, samples per channel = 32, buffer size = 32, sample mode = continuous, sample clock rate = 1000.

There are no errors reported until the call to DAQmx Write.    Seems like I am missing an additional call, otherwise DAQmx should have reported an error during the setup of this generation.


Any ideas?

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Hi Powertoad,

That's interesting, I just tried the same basic functionality in LabVIEW and I didn't report an error.  Could you maybe post a small portion of your code that shows this behavior?

Micaela N
National Instruments
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