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data acquistion in pda

I am using labview 7.1 and NI DAQ card PCI-MIO-16E-4.It is visible by traditional NI-DAQ Devices in Measurement and automation explorer.My fist question is: could this card be used for acquiring data using DAQmx .Secondly i want to show the data acquired by this card on a PDA device.I have developed a programe that runs well in lab view for windows i have used in that programe. how can I make a data acquition programe for PDA device.Is there any tutorial avialable for making data acquistion vi in PDA.
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the supported list is available here :
Your e-series card is supported by daqmx in its current revision (7.4) (your card is also refered to as a 6040E.

For interfacing to the PDA, you'll need to write some code to pass the information out through the appropriate communication medium (bluetooth, wifi, serial etc) and code on the pda to accept this.
If you're planning on using the PDA directly for dataacquisition (rather that acquiring on the windows machine, and passing the data to the PDA) then you're going to need a different DAQ card (either pcmcia, or the new compact flash DAQ card).
The code for the PDA could be written in LabVIEW for PDA, although you've not said if you're using a pocket pc 2003 or a palmos device. Alternatively, it's the communications protocol that's important if you're using the PC for the data acquisition and the PDA for information display.

A good starting point is here
and here

Hope that helps

Sacha Emery
National Instruments (UK)
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thanks for the reply. /which one is beteer choice between pocket Pc and PDA . secondly iam planning to use daqmx vi in labview 7.1 to acquire data . i would be using labview 7.1 with pocket pc or pda module depending upon the choice of pda or pocket pc.but iamperlplexed on what cretira should i selcet between pocket pc orpda could u please say some word about it. thanks
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