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choice of data acquisition hardware for a ground control station


I need to realize a ground control station for the CanSat project, which is a NASA competition for students.

I think to use Labview for the interface because I think that It will be easier, and I am wondering which acquisition hardware device I can buy.

I have to interface a laptop and sensors (temperature, pressure ) and a receiver for the data of the satellite.

Then I would like to display this data on my laptop and maybe be able to send data to the transmitter/receiver.

What device can you advice to me? the cheaper the better, because it is a competition and the accuracy but also the cost are marked!

thanks in advance for your help,




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I would take a look at CompactDAQ. You can use different modules for different measurement types such as temperature, pressure, etc. I'm not sure how a receiver and transmitter would fit into this system but that depends on what type of interface you need to it.


Another option would be to look at using a high-accuracy USB M-series device. Hope this helps.

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