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cf-6004 signal conditioning

im working on connecting simple sensors [temp, pressure etc] to a pda with the CF-6004,
does anyone know which signal conditioning unit would be best suited to this?
also with the conditioning unit what extra hardware do i require [so far i know i need the DAQ card, shielded cable an terminal connector block]

thanks alot

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Hi Andy,

The product CF-6004 will require you to purchase the cable and connector block, and I suggest you choose the NI recommended ones of these :

As far as the signal conditioning hardware you need it's fully dependand on the form factor, sample rates and resolution you require, I'd suggest looking at especially the compactDAQ devices.


I hope this answers your questions, if you have any more information regarding the above dependencies please post here and I will try and help you out some more,


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Hi Andy,
It has come to my attention that we don't actually sell any signal conditioning products for the CF-6004, please ignore my previous post. Apologies for the mistake on my part.
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